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We are a Class Rated FAA Authorized Repair Station specializing in Avionics for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters with over 20 years of experience. 

At Rendrag Aviation we offer quality avionics services to our customers at a competitive price. All factory rebates are passed on directly to our customers.


We service most major brands of Comm/Nav, GPS, Audio, Transponder/ADSB, DME, RADAR, AutoPilot Systems and more. With years of experience in our favor, in most cases, your avionics system can be troubleshot and repaired to component level. Rendrag Aviation can recertify pitot/static systems as well as RVSM aircraft (following FAR 91.411 and FAR 91.413 requirements). 


At Rendrag Aviation we work with our customers allowing the option to install new or used avionics. We offer a variety of system installations ranging from ADSB solutions with L3 Lynx, Freeflight Systems, Appareo, Garmin, and Trig Avionics; AutoPilot installs with Century Flight Systems, S-Tec, Trutrak, Garmin; Radar systems from Bendix/King and Garmin; And fuel monitoring from JPI, Insight Avionics and Electronics International. We can also fabricate and install new custom instrument panels to meet your requirements.


All of these services are available for Experimental Aircraft as well.


Every job, no matter how big or small, is important to us; treating your aircraft as if it were our own.

Welcome to Rendrag Aviation

Rendrag Aviation David Gardner Old Crow P51

Owner/Founder - David Gardner

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